Our commitments

For over 20 years now, the quality of our products and services, the safety and health of the people who work at SBM Formulation and environmental protection have been at the heart of our management concerns.


We ensure day-in day-out control of our activities by complying with our procedures and monitoring their implementation through audits and check-up plans. As regards product quality, specific procedures have been developed to overcome the risk of cross-contamination.

quality control laboratory
QSHE Management

Occupational health and safety and industrial risk management

Our industrial site is equipped with fire detection and automatic sprinkler systems. Fully enclosed, it is guarded round the clock. Training sessions and regular exercises are held, in particular with the Béziers' emergency services.

Periodic reassessments enable us to take account of developments in processes, products and legal requirements. Significant investments in equipment and training are made each year.


Notre engagement en matière d’environnement s’appuie sur la prévention des risques industriels et des pollutions avec :

  • Waste sorting at source.
  • Monitored filtering systems for all of our discharges.
  • A retention system for first wave stormwater as well as for any fire extinction water.
  • A monitoring plan, parts of which involve approved external providers.
Social and Environmental responsability

Dialogue and respect

We have frequent and open exchanges of views with our clients, our staff, local residents and our socio-economic entourage in order to best meet their expectations and provide appropriate responses to their concerns.