Formulation, our business


SBM Formulation offers comprehensive development services: from pre-formulation to the industrialization of dry and liquid crop protection specialties.

Conception et pilotage

Designing and industrializing formulations

The Development department is run by a multidisciplinary team who are highly experienced in formulation technology, both at the laboratory level and on an industrial scale.
Our technicians and engineers carry out all or part of the process, depending on the clients’ wishes:

  • Feasibility study from specifications
  • Optimization study:
    • Finalization of formulas after a feasibility study.
    • Adjustment of formulas to meet regulatory requirements.
    • Stability and performance optimization for existing formulas.
  • Pilot study to assess the industrial feasibility of defined formulas as well as the main parameters before first manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing of GLP, bio and marketing samples.
  • Industrialization.


We offer you our pilot and industrial facilities and our know-how when developing and packaging your active ingredients.

Industrial formulation

We have a wide range of facilities suitable for different types of formulation of your crop protection specialties, and we have mastered innovative granulation technologies.

Our flexibility as an organization, together with our high-performance industrial plant, enables us to give a rapid, tailored response to each and every client.

We are also fully equipped for high-performance, flexible packaging of both liquids and solids.

Formulation industrielle

Our facilities can handle the following formulations:

Liquid forms Equipments
EW (emulsion water)
EC (emulsifiable concentrate)
SL (Soluble concentrate)
High shear turbines
Propeller mixer
FS (flowable concentrate for seed treatment)
OS (oil suspension)
SE (suspo-emulsion)
SC (suspension concentrate)
Ball mill
Formes solides Équipements
DP (dustable powder)
SP (soluble powder)
WP (wettable powder)
Air-jet mill
GR (granule) Ploughshare mixer
Rapid continuous mixer
WG (water dispersible granule) Low pressure extruder
Fluidized airbed granulator
RB (ready-to-use bait) High pressure extruder