We offer you our pilot and industrial facilities and our know-how when developing and packaging your active ingredients.

Industrial formulation

Industrial formulation of active ingredients

We have a wide range of facilities suitable for different types of formulation of your crop protection specialties, and we have mastered innovative granulation technologies.

Our flexibility as an organization, together with our high-performance industrial plant, enables us to give a rapid, tailored response to each and every client.

We are also fully equipped for high-performance, flexible packaging of both liquids and solids.

Our facilities can handle the following formulations:

Liquid forms Dry forms
SL (soluble concentrate) WP (wettable powder)
EW (emulsion water) DP (dustable powder)
SC (suspension concentrate) GR (granule)
SE (suspo-emulsion) WG (water dispersible granule)
EC (emulsifiable concentrate) RB (ready-to-use bait)
FS (flowable concentrate for seed treatment) SP (soluble powder)