Formulations development

SBM Formulation offers comprehensive development services: from pre-formulation to the industrialization of dry and liquid crop protection specialties.

formulation development

Designing and industrializing formulations

The Development department is run by a multidisciplinary team who are highly experienced in formulation technology, both at the laboratory level and on an industrial scale.
Our technicians and engineers carry out all or part of the process, depending on the clients’ wishes:

  • Feasibility study from specifications
  • Optimization study:
    • Finalization of formulas after a feasibility study.
    • Adjustment of formulas to meet regulatory requirements.
    • Stability and performance optimization for existing formulas.
  • Pilot study to assess the industrial feasibility of defined formulas as well as the main parameters before first manufacturing.
  • Manufacturing of GLP, bio and marketing samples.
  • Industrialization.

The development team has a wide range of equipment available at the laboratory or pilot scale:

Type of formulation Equipement
SC/SE/FS Beed mills, Dynomill KD 0.6 model | KD 1.5 | KD 5
Fryma colloidal mill
EC/SL/EW Silverson high-shear mixer
Various mixers
WG Fuji Paudal Extruder, Dome Gran Labo model
GLATT GF3 (continuous system)
RB High-pressure extruder
WP/DP/SP Mixers, Lodïge 3, 12 and 130 L models
Hammer mill, Forplex FL0 and FL00 models
Pin mill, Alpine model